What does it mean to “embody the sacred”?
To me, it’s finding tangible ways to express how a moment or experience is holy, just exactly as it is.  That’s the goal of my work
as a childbirth educator specializing in spiritual birth preparation,
as a celebrant leading ritual and ceremony and as a blogger.

In birth . . . 

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to birth preparation than medical appointments and shopping or decorating?

Would you like to explore birth as a personal rite of passage? (a rewarding pursuit even if you gave birth years ago)

Check out Embodying the Sacred spiritual birth preparation, available as a self-directed retreat in book form or a live four-hour program.  Here’s what past participants have said about it.

In life . . . 

Would you like to mark milestones and transitions in a meaningful way?

In addition to leading spiritual birth preparation retreats, I am a certified celebrant available for weddings, baby naming/blessing, mother blessings, funerals, etc.

And check out my blog, where I write living the sacred in ordinary life, however that arises.