What does it mean to “embody the sacred”?
To me, it’s finding tangible ways to express how a moment or experience is holy, just exactly as it is.  That’s the goal of my work
as a childbirth educator specializing in spiritual birth preparation,
as a celebrant leading ritual and ceremony and as a blogger.

In birth . . . 

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to birth preparation than medical appointments and shopping or decorating?

Would you like to explore birth as a personal rite of passage? (a rewarding pursuit even if you gave birth years ago)

Check out Embodying the Sacred spiritual birth preparation, available as a self-directed retreat in book form or a live  program.  Here’s what past participants have said about it.

Upcoming Event: Embodying the Sacred in Birth: Women’s Afternoon of Reflection
October 4, 2016 at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, OH, 1:00 to 4:00 pm
birthretreatartstuffThis program invites you to connect with your body in a spiritual way as you prepare to give birth or reflect on your past experience of giving birth. While our culture focuses on birth as a medical event, you will discover it as a sacred body process. Through expressive arts, movement, ritual, reflection and meditation drawn from Christianity, you will explore birth as a rite of passage and nurture inner resources in relation to this powerful personal journey. If you are not a mother, you may also enjoy reflecting on birth as metaphor for creative or other endeavors.

In life . . . 

Would you like to mark milestones and transitions in a meaningful way?

In addition to leading spiritual birth preparation retreats, I am a certified celebrant available for weddings, baby naming/blessing, mother blessings, funerals, etc.

And check out my blog, where I write living the sacred in ordinary life, however that arises.

Bring Forth Your Birth Story — Free Self-Guided Retreat

IMG_0648[1]I’ve long dreamed of a common language for telling birth stories, a unifying way to share about childbirth as a personal rite of passage regardless of where it takes place, how it unfolds, who is there or how many years since it occurred.  What if we drew a big wide circle around all mothers and called every single experience just “birth”? Could we metaphorically join hands and create such a circle for ourselves? This mini-retreat hopes to do just that.  Bring Forth Your Birth Story is an invitation to step into your own sacred space and spend time reflecting and creating to tell your unique birth story in a powerful, empowering way.

Download: 2016BringForthBirthStory 
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