What does it mean to “embody the sacred”?
It’s articulating the holiness of a moment or experience exactly as it is.  That’s the goal of my work as a childbirth educator specializing in spiritual birth preparation and as a blogger.

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to birth preparation than medical appointments and shopping or decorating?

Would you like to explore birth as a personal rite of passage? (a rewarding pursuit even if you gave birth years ago)

Check out Embodying the Sacred spiritual birth preparation, available as a self-directed retreat in book form or a live  program.  Here’s what past participants have said about it.

Tell your birth story with Bring Forth Your Birth Story — Free Self-Guided Retreat (link below). IMG_0648[1]I’ve long dreamed of a common language for telling birth stories, a unifying way to share about childbirth as a personal rite of passage regardless of where it takes place, how it unfolds, who is there or how many years since it occurred.  What if we drew a big wide circle around all mothers and called every single experience just “birth”? Could we metaphorically join hands and create such a circle for ourselves? This mini-retreat hopes to do just that.  Bring Forth Your Birth Story invites you into your own sacred space to reflect and create your unique birth story in a powerful, empowering way.

Download: 2016BringForthBirthStory 
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