Prayer for My Child in a Time of Distress

A difficulty for me as a parent of teenagers happens when my children are under stress and exhausted.  The lives of high school students at times are very hard, and there’s nothing I can do about it.   A heavy homework load coupled with significant after-school time on activities can make for long days and short sleep.  Our teens are not over-committed with many extracurriculars; it’s a single passion – a sport or theater – that fills many hours, providing much satisfaction most of the time.  But periods of extreme stress occur too, mostly due to fatigue, like right now when we’re entering the home stretch leading up to the spring show.  Then an otherwise minor event, a sore throat or an unexpected test, topples an already fragile mood.  Perhaps influenced by daily reading of the psalms during Lent, this morning I was moved to compose a prayer for this circumstance.

Prayer for My Child in a Time of Distress

Hear me, Lord, and act. My child is in distress. I am helpless; my heart in pain. Calm her spirit; steady her steps. Let her be filled with your strength and surround her with your comfort. Then I will praise your name and thank you for your kindness.


Photo courtesy of alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

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2 Responses to Prayer for My Child in a Time of Distress

  1. Liz Keuffer says:

    Great post and great prayer, Peg!

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