Lettuce Marvel

Eating salad has brought great joy to me this week, and I will no longer use the terms “lettuce” and “salad” interchangeably.  CSA membership provides lessons in the rich diversity of available salad greens, and they really make different dishes.  Lettuce with vinaigrette is a traditional combo that I associate with spring and the start of the CSA season.  This week, our share also included watercress, arugula, arugula flowers, and baby beet greens, in addition to a green mix comprised of baby kale and chard, along with others whose names I haven’t yet learned.  I’ve long enjoyed arugula’s tang in a salad, but the pungency of watercress was new!  Tossing all the various greens together with feta cheese, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and creamy balsamic dressing, we dubbed it “spicy salad.”  Delicious!

Infinite God,
Let me be attentive to all the details of this day.
May I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste Your goodness,
and find wonder and awe in Your presence. 

Photo by Veronica Foale via Flickr under Creative Commons license

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