Prayer for the Election

In recognition of the attack ad blitz now underway here, a group of Ohio clergy and people of faith are calling for a one-day media fast on Friday, Nov. 2.  In a campaign called Turn Down the Noise: Fast, Pray, Vote, they challenge people to turn off their televisions, radios, and Twitter feeds and turn toward one another and pursue listening to the voice of God, in hopes of finding “a pathway to take seriously our civic opportunity to engage politically, and to do so based on the depths of our faith traditions and values rather than whatever $115 million has to say.”  One of the leaders is Rev. Troy Jackson, pastor of University Christian Church in Clifton.  I learned of this project late last week, just at the moment my revulsion to the negativity reached a peak.  Over the weekend, I composed the following prayer, through which I am pledging daily silence for our nation until the election.  Below the prayer are links to several articles on silence as a spiritual and communal practice.

Amid the clamor of this campaign season, let me be still.  In silence I listen for you O God, Source of all Wisdom. Guide my vote. Direct my actions toward the good of all.  In your powerful love, unite us in the work of transformation. 

Solitude and Silence
Torah with Morrie:  The Value of Silence
The Torah of Silence



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2 Responses to Prayer for the Election

  1. Pia Al-Ubaidi says:

    Peg, thank you for this post and for calling my attention to the media fast yesterday. Everywhere I turn (the newspaper, the TV and even as I innocently try to check my e-mail), I am being slammed with so much ugliness and negativity that I find myself clenching my teeth and getting knots in my stomach. I hate that voting and choice, what are supposed to be a liberty and freedom enjoyed by us living in the United States, has turned so vicious, ugly and chaotic. And what is more tragic is the fact that as a Catholic I cannot even go to MASS or to meditate at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center without what feels like being vomited upon by supposed “pro-life” zealots with the very same viciousness and raw outrageousness. I almost feel that I cannot even leave my house. As you know in confidence, I am going through my own spiritual crisis in my faith as a Catholic. And I am working very hard to heal; that is my priority right now. I want to be united to Christ in the purest sense and to come to grips with the fact that my relationship with Christ, the Most High Goddess and the Blessed Mother transcend human beings, their earthly pursuits and all their imperfections/flaws/evilness. I don’t need this barrage of hateful media right now. I need peace. I need tranquility. I need My Mother. I need to Turn Down The Noise, or better yet, turn off the noise altogether. Fortunately for me, my husband and I voted a long time ago. So it is out of our hands. We have no reason to remain part of the fray and chaos. Goddess Mother, please help us all. Amen.

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