Prayer in All Things

A more holistic approach to prayer is opening up for me this Lent.  My mental image of praying “correctly” typically involves a period of time set apart, ideally at the beginning of the day in a carefully arranged corner, often with psalms and generous silence.  When I engage in such a practice, I feel good about it, but it’s an inconsistent thing for a variety of reasons.

One day recently, several baskets of laundry that had been waiting patiently for days to be folded simply would not be put off any longer.  Could this be a form of prayer?  Pulling out a slim volume of meditations by Gunilla Norris called Being Home, I discovered it could.  A friend gave me this lovely book years ago when I was a stay-home mother to three small children, but the blur of those days did not allow for reflection on tasks.  Then it was survival mode; a contemplative path is open to me now.

Let the folding of these garmentsIMG_0252[1]
be a confession.  Help me to surrender,
to give up all those false excitements,
clinging attachments, static inconsistencies.
Help me instead to be folded into You.
. . .


Let the completed task be offered . . .IMG_0250[1]
such a small thing . . . yet let it be offered
as thanksgiving.  Your amazing mystery is here
even now receiving this smallness.

(Being Home, page 54)

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4 Responses to Prayer in All Things

  1. kate powers says:

    LOVELY! Very appropriate. Kate

  2. Laura says:

    Gorgeous! I will have to check out this book – thank you for the recommendation!

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