Guest Posting: How We Spend Our Time

I’m thrilled to be published today as part of a guest posting series over at the wise and wonderful Mothering Spirit blog, on how we spend our time, which also shines a spotlight on my book, Embodying the Sacred: A Spiritual Preparation for Birth. Laura posed several thought-provoking questions that weave together writing, parenting, and the spiritual journey.  She offers a nice “thumbs up” to the book itself, and there’s a giveaway too.  Check it out!

IMG_0327[1]One might wonder how I’ve been spending my time of late with the infrequency of blog posts!  Coordinating elder care (of my parents) occupies more of my attention recently, and transitioning to this unfamiliar role, I’ve found myself unable to hone my thoughts and compose for the blog.  This distraction itself was distressing until a dear friend shared a helpful article from the Atlantic magazine that captures what I’m experiencing (although the author’s circumstances are more intense than mine).  Greater awareness seems to be breaking up the mental log jam.  On the other hand, less blog writing has permitted me to focus more on the specific assignments of my celebrant course, which I am eager to complete.


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