Guest Posting: Mapping Our Births

I am pleased to have a piece published over at The Guiding Star Project, an initiative by a group of passionate moms to implement their holistic vision for women’s healthcare.  My work on the spirituality of birth intersects with their desire to encourage respect for women’s bodies and for childbirth as a healthy, natural process.  When I first made contact and proposed several ideas for posts, I expected to just edit material from my book on spiritual birth preparation, drawing on religious symbols and themes to create a post on telling birth stories. I was a little surprised — and challenged — to learn they want to communicate in secular terms rather than religious, to appeal to as many women as possible.  Something new!  Brainstorming more uplifting approaches to sharing birth stories turned out to be a fun writing exercise, and the result is “Mapping Our Births.”

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One Response to Guest Posting: Mapping Our Births

  1. kate powers says:

    VERY nice article; wonderfully vivid images! and what an interesting group! Thanks for sharing. I sent it on to the Inklings. K

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