Advent Illumination

It is necessary for me to see the first point of light which begins to be dawn. It is necessary to be present alone at the resurrection of Day, in the solemn silence at which the sun appears.  (Thomas Merton)

Advent for me has long been about embracing the spiritual gifts of darkness but this year unexpectedly it’s light that envelops me.  As I write on this cold, clear December morning, the sun peaks over the trees behind our neighbor’s house across the street, gradually at first but then all of sudden over the horizon.  The near blinding glare baptizes me with radiant energy and warmth.  Rather than turn away, I bask in its power and presence.  I have enjoyed my coffee in this very spot on many winter mornings for years, but this experience is new.

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Likewise, my typical late afternoon walk with our dog has taken on new resonance, as our usual route heads around the corner in a westerly direction — right toward the sunset.  Though the walk’s path is routine, I have never attended to the sun’s trajectory through the sky before.  This Advent awareness of its rising and setting as brackets to the day lends a new kind of structure to time, and I feel kinship with our ancient ancestors for whom natural cycles were the only such measure. Paradoxically, a celestial connection also feels very grounding in the here and now of my daily life, my neighborhood, my body even.  An ongoing invitation I will seek to accept.

See and taste the Flowing
Godhead through your Being;
Feel the Holy Spirit
Moving and compelling
You within the Flowing
Fire and Light of God
(Mechtild of Magdeburg)

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2 Responses to Advent Illumination

  1. kate powers says:

    How lovely! Thanks Peg K

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