Advent Illumination 2

What an incredibly beautiful morning!!  The full moon, which Joe and I admired last night from the front porch while the dog had her final trip outside, was still visible in the west (back side of the house) when we got up, bringing a soft sheen to the yard.  I turned off all the lights and sat facing the window in our breakfast room to take in its luster.

While the sun’s path anchors me in a sense of order, the moon’s invitation seems to be about “mystery.”  That’s the word that surfaced, and it fits.  I probably studied the lunar cycle in school, and I know we covered it while homeschooling, but I can’t seem to keep a clear grasp of how the relative positions of sun, moon, and earth determine the monthly pattern.   The moon also eludes my attempts to effectively photograph its fullness.  The image below is my best effort so far, but it doesn’t really capture the distinctive luminosity.

IMG_0565[1]In an amusing bit of synchronicity during this week of spiritual insight from celestial light, yesterday I wandered into a consignment shop and bought two lamps for our family room.

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