Personal Climate March — An Invitation

This Sunday, Sept. 21,
is the People’s Climate March in New York ,
and I invite you to join me
in a personal gesture of participation
in your local area.

Planned to coincide with a UN summit on the climate crisis, the People’s Climate March represents a strikingly broad-based coalition of businesses, unions, faith groups, schools, social justice groups, and environmental groups. And it’s explicitly centered on justice for communities particularly hard-hit by rising seas and other destructive effects of climate change.

With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history. We’ll take to the streets to demand the world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.
People’s Climate March website

Posts and articles about this event began catching my attention last week while participating in the Earth as Original Monastery online retreat. I’d heard about it before, but somehow during those days of contemplation on creation as the source of all spirituality, the vision for this People’s March truly touched my heart.

1378742121429Actually going to New York to participate is not feasible for me, but the new/old idea of a labyrinth walk surfaced.  In the Middle Ages, labyrinths were associated with the Christian tradition of pilgrimage. Many Europeans pledged to make a trip to Jerusalem once in their life to follow in the steps of Christ, but the Crusades made travel dangerous. So the Church designated seven pilgrimage cathedrals, and trekking to one or more of them became a pilgrimage.  Several, like the Chartres Cathedral outside Paris, had labyrinths, so arriving there and walking the labyrinth symbolized entering Jerusalem.  So this Sunday at 11:30 am ET, a labyrinth walk will symbolize my deepest hopes for real change in solidarity with people gathered in New York and other events around the globe.

I hope you’ll participate! Walk a labyrinth (or trace one with your fingers), hike in a park, stroll through your neighborhood, sit in silence on your porch, or whatever moves you.  Consider leaving a comment below about your experience.

To locate a labyrinth in your area, visit the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator sponsored by the World Labyrinth Society and Veriditas Inc.

Download a labyrinth outline here.



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    Thank you!

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