An Excellent Adventure Begins

Today I am inaugurating a “Garden 2015” category on this blog! Stepping into rather unknown territory, Joe and I have rented a plot at the nearby community garden. It’s the fourth season for the garden, and every year I’ve wistfully considered signing up but each previous year have concluded that we didn’t have sufficient time or interest to take it on. For nine years, we belonged to a CSA that required weekly work hours, which I really enjoyed and learned so much from while the past two summers we’ve enjoyed local produce through a weekly pickup that carries no work obligation. However, increasingly I found myself missing the activity of tending soil and plants, and we thought about a little garden in our own yard to keep things simple, but the presence of a 7′ fence at the community garden as a protection against deer finally sealed the deal. Within a week or two of signing up, self-doubt surfaced.  I have no idea how to go about this. It’s going to be so much work. What have we gotten ourselves into? What was I thinking?

But I have already learned that “community” is a key feature of this gardening experience. A friend and fellow gardener mentioned she and her husband would be working their plot on Saturday afternoon if we wanted to join them. So on Saturday, a sunny first full-day of spring, we spent two incredibly joyful and productive hours with Kathie and Pete preparing our plot for the season. We turned over the soil with shovels, pulled some weeds and plant remnants, then roto-tilled, added compost (conveniently provided for all of us, another “community” advantage), roto-tilled again, and voila it’s ready for planting. Can’t wait!


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4 Responses to An Excellent Adventure Begins

  1. Jim Bender says:

    Go Peg and Joe – – get your hands dirty, it’s a lot of fun and the pride and joy you get from eating what you produced yourselves is a fantastic reward.

  2. donna Ebersold says:

    HI Peg– Well here in Indianpolis with my new spouse David We are headed toward building a permaculture garden forest for our suburban former over tilled farm ground/monocultured out space. I am surprised by the joy of finding every possibility of interconnection and reconciling old practices with new — as I move with this process. I found a wonderful book named”the authentic garden” which speaks to ‘capturing the sense of the place, deriving beauty from function and has great pictures as well. I hope I will produce enough to “give a row of food’ to the local pantry this summer. blessings to all!

  3. Peg Conway says:

    Hi Donna — So glad to hear from you! Congratulations on your marriage and new ventures. Take care.

  4. Merrie Stillpass says:

    Peg, looking forward to gardening next to you and Joe this season! I hope to be out there soon.

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