Ingeniously Watering the Garden

Our community garden plot continues to be a source of satisfaction and enjoyment! The lettuce and kale will be ready to harvest soon I think, and the broccoli is coming along (faster, I wish!). About a week ago, we planted some herb seeds — basil, cilantro and dill– whose appearance we eagerly anticipate. A run of drier weather and higher temperatures has necessitated watering of the garden, and I don’t take for granted the ease of accomplishing this task.  The community garden is located on a former country club golf course with “former” meaning “pretty much abandoned” in the sense that the club house is closed up and there’s no electricity or running water.  Even so, illustrating that sometimes less is more, the property is well loved as a peaceful oasis for walking and in regards to the community garden, an ingenious and practical rain collection system partners with mother nature to provide water for the plants.

Click on the first photo to begin a slide show with captions explaining how it all works.

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