Rewild Yourself for Lent?

The images in this poem are captivating me, speaking somehow about Lent but I’m not sure exactly what. Letting the questions be the practice for today’s start of the season. (Click the link below for the author’s further reflection on the poem.)

There are places in you
Where thousands of bright, tiny flowers
Open each morning to the sun
In meadows as vast as the sky.
An ancient alchemy courses through your bones.
It speaks in feathers and stones and
precious metals and the footprints of mandalas
left by the stories we tell with our lives.
Rewild yourself.
Until green tendrils sprout from your fingernails
And lichen swathes your eyebrows.
Rewild yourself.
Until your roots spread and uncoil and
Writhe down through soil and rock.
Rewild yourself.
Rise up into your magnificence and
Take your place among the constellations.
Rewild yourself.
The Earth is her own medicine.
Be yours.
~Caroline Mellor


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3 Responses to Rewild Yourself for Lent?

  1. kate powers says:

    I LOVE this! It reminds me of midlife, and discovery the “shadow” (sensate Perceiver) side of myself: playful, mischievous, messy, bright colored etc) and starting to integrate it A new kind of “greening”! Go for it!!!

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