Peg Conway headshotMy name is Peg Conway, and I live in a little village that’s actually a first-ring suburb of Cincinnati, where we’re surrounded by mature trees and green space but also able to drive downtown in 2o minutes. As a writer, it’s the desire to figure things out, to make connections and catch glimpses of wholeness, that jump start my process. I listen for inner wisdom and write from there. For a long time this seeking resided within Catholicism, my faith of origin, but more recently my curiosity finally overflowed its bounds.

Childbirth and spirituality erupted as a significant focus of my thinking and writing when I
awoke to the serious disconnect that giving birth was a powerfully transforming experience in my bodily IMG_0648[1]life that had absolutely no correlate in my practice of faith. Stubborn questions persisted:
*How can we speak of the holiness of birth as a physical body process? (and without limiting women to biology)
*How can the resources of Christianity empower women in birth?
*What would spiritual birth preparation look like?
Ironically perhaps, these questions were sparked by visiting a hospice for the first time.  Suddenly I wondered why death and dying receive so much reflection and study but normal childbirth never does, launching a 15+ year quest that culminated in the 2012 publication of Embodying the Sacred: A Spiritual Preparation for Birth.  In 2013 I began offering live retreats and giving talks based on this material.  My hope is to change our conversation about birth to include spiritual resources that empower women without limiting us to childbearing.

I also just like to share my thinking on a variety of topics, diversity that is reflected in the posts here. Ultimately my writing arises from wanting to explore how the sacred shows up in any moment of life.

Credentials and Experience
Certified celebrant, Global Ministries University
Certificate, Melton Program in Adult Jewish Learning
Past certifications: Birthing From Within, Doulas of North America (DONA), BirthWorks
Homeschooling parent
Local elected official
Non-profit board member
Master’s in Journalism, Medill School at Northwestern University
Bachelor’s in English, Xavier University