Spiritual Birth Preparation

Embodying the Sacred programs invite you to connect with your body in a spiritual way as you prepare to give birth (or any time you wish to reflect on the experience of childbirth, even if it’s years later).

1363464818919Through expressive arts, movement, ritual, reflection and meditation drawn from feminist Christianity, you’ll explore birth as a personal rite of passage and find inner resources for the journey ahead. While our culture focuses on birth as a medical event, this approach encourages you to discover it as a sacred body process.


Expressive art activities consist of drawing, collaging, painting, journaling, working with clay, and knitting, with the emphasis on simply enjoying the process.

Themes of the retreat include:

  • Creation
  • Vessels and passages
  • Birth pain
  • Mothers, sisters and saints
  • Labyrinths
  • Birth stories

In each theme area, the physical processes of pregnancy and birth are related to Catholic-inspired practices in an empowering way, inviting you to conceive of a “spiritual birth bag,” and in so doing, to inhabit and celebrate your body.  Focusing on the inner journey, this approach complements other forms of childbirth preparation.

Experience Embodying the Sacred for yourself:

  • As a four-hour mini-retreat program – Book me to present to your group, complete contact form below
  • As a self-paced retreat with activities for each trimester of pregnancy – Buy my book
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